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Do you have clarity on where you should focus to have the biggest impact on your personal and business life? Energize, benchmark, direct and self-pace your growth, pursuing Servant Leadership, Spiritual Maturity, Business Excellence & Kingdom Impact.

Leading a Company for Christ

In the 1970’s, some business leaders were asking questions like, “What would Jesus do if He were running my company?” FCCI members have wrestled with that question now for 33 years. Experience an FCCI classic series that addresses that all important question, began an international movement and energized business leaders worldwide.


Have you experienced personal transformation through Christ? Does that transformation impact every aspect of your business? If you are looking for resources that can help do both, visit our value-packed Resource Page to learn more.

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“One business leader at a time” is how FCCI pursues a global vision. Our 2025 vision is to bring transformational truth into the lives of at least 10% of Christian business leaders globally. Join in our vision to change the world through how we do business.

8-week orientation

Begin an 8-week journey, meeting 1.5 hours per week, praying, discussing and applying challenging teaching on business from an eternal perspective. Experience great teaching and group process that changes lives through encounters with Christ.

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Join a Fellowship of World Changers! Connect with business leaders from 92+ nations, unified by a Vision to see Christ change the world through how we do business.


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Our History

In 1896, Charles M. Sheldon’s book, “In His Steps,” was first published. As its story unfolded, readers found themselves witnessing the impact on the lives of the book’s primary characters as they accepted the challenge to ask “What would Jesus do?” before making any decisions or taking any action…in every area of their lives. Their aim was to walk as closely as possible in the steps of Christ regardless of the immediate consequences. Almost eighty years after that challenge was first posed on those pages, Robert L. “Bobby” Mitchell, a young Atlanta businessman, received a copy of In His Steps … Continue
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Our Vision

Transforming our world through Christ, one company leader at a time.

Our Mission

In pursuit of Christ’s eternal objectives, we equip and encourage Christian business leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives in accordance with biblical principles.

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